Voice Card  -  Volume 31  -  Holly Card Number 4  -  Wed, Feb 2, 1994 11:13

Remember what PONARV stands for - Project Of No Apparent Redeeming Value?

If Archipelago started as a ponarv then I would say it has become a porv.

Here is a true ponarv - housework.

Here is another - I had a friend in MO who did this ponarv and there is someone on my street who does this and I hear there are other people doing it too.

Somewhere you can buy ceramic (I think) geese in various sizes. You put it on your front porch for decoration BUT there is more!! People buy the geese different outfits and change the outfits according to the season. The one on my street is dressed as a snowman and my friend in MO dressed her's in a bikini during the summer. She bought Legg's pantyhose and used uniform egg halves and found a bra to fit over them and made the bikini.

Now there's a ponarv!!! I might get one.