Pay Inequities

Voice Card  -  Volume 31  -  Janine Card Number 12  -  Wed, Mar 2, 1994 6:43 PM

This is ONE OF 3 responses to VC 30 Roger 1 ("Crime ")...


I think it's obscene what most CEOs in this country make. I was furious when I read about Bank of America's layoffs a year or so ago, and then read what the CEO's salary is - he could have kept all of those employees by simply giving himself a paycut!!!

Unfortunately, our society in general is completely focused on money. Until that changes, Roger, I don't see how we'll ever have narrower pay margins, not to mention how we'll ever eliminate homelessness or joblessness. Those in power and those with money have NO desire to share it or give some of it up. Look at what happened with feminism - it was met with total resistance and took years for women to rise to somewhat equal status with men - but we STILL make less (Help me, Betsy - is it up to 75 cents per male dollar now?).

[Editor's note: Betsy says was up to 69 but has dropped to 65. ]

How can people be forced to care about others? I don't think they can be. Look at all the flak things like equal employment opportunity are getting. Companies get around this stuff all the time, regulations or no. I don't have the answer, but certainly more regulations aren't going to help - there needs to be some sort of a change in consciousness.

Interestingly enough, I just received in the mail today a brochure from the California Institute of Integral Studies. They offer a Master of Arts in Business (not to be confused with an MBA), with the emphasis on right livelihood and community focus for businesses, non-profits and entrepreneurs. The idea is that when a company is profitable, its employees and its community profit as well.