Voice Card  -  Volume 31  -  Paul Card Number 1  -  Sun, Jan 30, 1994 1:32 PM

This is ONE OF 5 responses to VC 30 John 15 ("New Year's Resolutions")...

Yikes! Is this what Betsy has done to you, John - turned you into a cardclock-punching, time-watching, schedule-keeping "respectable" member of mainstream society?

Not for me, nosirree Bob, have I'll none of it. I hereby move that Drury be unanimously given best voice card phrase of the year honors for her recent "Archipelago happens exactly when it is suppose to happen. This should continue to occur, independent of the clocks, calendars, or other artificial measures of time by man."

Entered under protest, one day before this issue's deadldine, and long before my eventual submission.