Bugs and confusions

Voice Card  -  Volume 31  -  Paul Card Number 12  -  Sun, Mar 6, 1994 5:55 PM

Various notes on bugs and things I've apparently forgotten how to do in Archipelago:

Clicking on "Help" from the main monopoly board brings up the dreaded "No such card" error.

Either Archipelago or I have forgotten how to submit sounds (reported in slightly more detail elsewhere).

Typing command-spacebar does not, in general, toggle the menu bar. Is there another way to do this?

Searching for old book reviews, I see that my review index ends around volume 20. What do I need to do to add more recent reviews to the list?

[Later, after inspired investigation:] I see that the standard way to do this is to click on export on each book review as I initially read it. It seems that I haven't done this in, well, years. I bet most of the other Archipelagans haven't, either.

John: would you be willing to just ship us all an updated "Reviews" stack? I bet your review stack is complete, so it would be an easy task if the stack isn't too big. Failing that, could you at least provide a voice card with pointers to all the review cards since volume 20? Please?

Some time in the last eon, I've lost the sea gulls. Clicking on the Birds icon on the monopoly board brings up the "Where is Seagull Intro" dialog box. Is this my fault (i.e., did I delete this file)?