The scared public

Voice Card  -  Volume 32  -  Drury Card Number 14  -  Tue, Jun 7, 1994 8:30 PM

This is a response to VC 31 Roger 1 ("Three strikes")...

I can understand the law. I say "so what"! Throw the trash away. What do we need to be concerned about anyone who can't figure out that three times is it! You shop-lift three times - jailed for life. You drive under the influence three times - bye,bye garbage! It is probably cheaper to lock these people away for life than try to "help" them (what a laugh) or let them wreck someone else's life again.

I am afraid. And judging by how little sympathy the young male recently punished with a caning, gathered, I am not alone. I know we only see and read part of the terrible things that happen everyday. For example; a woman was recently raped in her own home here and it did not make the local newspaper. The police said it was on the "blotter" and it is up to the reporters to decide what to publish.

I had thought the news searched out all the bad stuff to make ratings. Not anymore. They can't even keep up with the bad things out there. If three strikes passes, I believe you will find people more than willing to shoulder another tax to build more prisons.