Do You Mean RIGHT?

Voice Card  -  Volume 32  -  Holly Card Number 1  -  Sat, Apr 16, 1994 22:17

This is a response to VC 31 Janine 9 ("Left Brain Bowling")...

I took a drawing on the right side of the brain class and loved it and yes I achieved that state of mind. In fact that was the first time I was aware of the state of mind although I had been there before. It was also the first time I conciously went in and out.

I really enjoy it "there" but I find I have to lose the awareness of time so I set an alarm. I would like to go there more often but I let myself be distracted by little things like kids and husband.

That's not totally fair - for a few weeks I have gotten away during Barney. I guess Bob was in that state of mind also.