I have an idea!

Voice Card  -  Volume 32  -  Holly Card Number 8  -  Sat, Apr 30, 1994 22:31

I called Paul with a computer question and somewhere in the conversation we came up with an idea - for Archipelago to read a book together. I suggested we vote on which book but he thought that would take too long.

I'm not sure how this would work. If you're interested maybe we could read the Roger's dreambook and do the exercises and see what materializes.

OR we could comment on books we have read in the past and the others could comment or not. Similar to a book review only has voice card responses. Also, assume respondants have read the book so you don't need to go over plot, facts, etc. We could also do this with movies, etc. For instance:

I just finished ACCIDENTAL TOURIST by Anne Tyler. This book has been out for a long time and I had been meaning to read it but just now got around to it.

The beginning was very unsettling, I didn't like Macon and I hoped the story was not just about him but slowly and surely Tyler evolved Macon into a new and fairly likable person.

My question to anyone who has read it and remembers it is: Did you like the ending?

I did not. I felt he took the easy way out. He had evolved and his wife had evolved although we didn't witness her evolvement much. I think it is much harder to repair a damaged established relationship than leave the old and begin anew. When Macon and his wife got back together I did not think they were getting back into the same old rut. They were successful in healing themselves and the relationship - I didn't think he needed to leave.