Indefinite Sabbaticals

Voice Card  -  Volume 32  -  John Card Number 16  -  Mon, Jul 18, 1994 4:20 AM

It is my duty as editor to report that both Yumi and Larry are now on indefinite sabbatical from our happy family. Yumi has been absolutely buried by her first year as an assistant teacher and Larry has been overwhelmed by his two children, the loss of regular daycare, frequent illnesses, and extended business trips.

My feeling about this is that a little down time away from the group is best for all concerned. I also think that "once an Archipelagoan, always an Archipelagoan," and so both of our friends are welcome back whenever they are truly ready to return to the fold. In this I am greatly cheered by the return of both Holly and Suzanne.

I intend to remain in touch with both Yumi and Larry and will pass any bulletins to or from the rest of the group as they arise.