Issue 2

Voice Card  -  Volume 32  -  John Card Number 18  -  Mon, Jul 25, 1994 12:10 AM

This is a response to VC 31 John 6 ("Issue 1")...

Issue 2 was the first true issue of Archipelago, the first issue in which every member spoke up for the first time. It was a time of new beginnings. Larry had just moved into a new apartment and Holly had just moved to the Bay Area.

It's always interesting browsing through those very early voice cards. Many of the little accoutrements we now take for granted (word-o-meter, global find, picture cards, read/not read flags, ETC.) simply weren't there yet in volume two. There were a number of bugs and design flaws to track down (Paul began a tradition of leading the pack in this pursuit). And many of our customs and ettiquette were still in the making. Holly and Stuart were the only two founding members still present who were able to successfully make their own hello cards the first time out.

Paul's VERY FIRST voice card was a description of his first victory at an archipelago Strategic Conquest game (in 239 days). So began an exploration that continues to this day.

I was fascinated to read Holly's first hello card, especially in light of her card in THIS issue about dreams. She introduced herself by recalling a trip to Europe taken long ago and her decision to remain behind alone for two additional weeks:

"The week before I was to separate from them I had a dream. I was standing when someone tapped me on the shoulder, turning, I saw it was a friend of mine but before he could say anything I woke-up. During the day I tried to figure out why I had dreamed of him. The interpretation was in his personal motto which he takes from an Edward Abbey character, 'Adventure, always, always seek adventure.' It worked. I had a great time on my own and I consider it one of the best gifts anyone has given me."

Issue 2 also saw our first (and last) Archipelago election. There were two propositions on the ballot:

Proposition 1. All Archipelago ballot issues shall be settled by a two thirds majority vote of all RESPONDING members. Thus if all ten members respond, seven votes will be required; if eight respond only five votes will be needed to pass a proposition.

Proposition 2. Propositions must first appear in a voice card and cannot be voted on until at least the following issue. This will allow for debate and discussion before voting.

Both propositions passed. The vote was unanimous for the first and seven to two for the second.

Finally, I would like to share Stuart's very first hello card, a brief message which best conveys the spirit of friendship and adventure with which we all set forth on this grand ponarv:

"Whew! Am I doing this right? Oh, are you there? Hello, I'm Stuart, computer novice, lover of Poetry, salads and turtles, currently employed as a Lecturer at a State University in California, and currently overwhelmed with the sophistication of John's creation, this Archipelago magic carpet-like contraption. I'm rather dazed with John's computer magic (or so it seems to me).

"Currently I'm bedridden with a rather ferocious cold. It's too bad, because outside is a beautiful fall day on the central coast of California, where I live, in a little red house on the southern end of Morro Bay, home to egrets, herons, willets, pelicans, plovers, racoons, possums, turtles, and annoying litterers who leave their beer botles in the little forest/bird sanctuary across the road from us.

"I hope to share with you all a few poems each issue, some by me, some by others, as well as other sundry contributions and responses along the way. I hope we'll all become good friends, both electronically through the computer and in person."