Dating Advice

Voice Card  -  Volume 32  -  Roger Card Number 1  -  Tue, Jun 21, 1994 12:50 AM

Lets assume that we have a male, about 30 years old, who hasn't dated much, a professional with good prospects, reasonably good looking, quiet. A person who seems to be interested in dating but has had "bad luck" in his dates, usually not getting a second date. (At this point, we are not sure if it is his choice or the date's choice.) He is intelligent in book learning, speaks a few languages.

We think he needs advice. We give him the advice that he should 1. date often, 2. do a wide range of things on the dates, from movies, plays, dances, hikes in country, sailing at the bay, go to dinner, coffee date, etc. Assume his excuses for not dating more often are he is so busy that he can't find dates and it's against the rules of his company to date coworkers and if he does go on a date, there usually isn't a second date.

So much for the description of the problem. How about a few statements of general dating philosophy. (Like: 1. Take flowers on the first date, 2. Find out at least three things to complement her on and complement her on them., 3. On first date, you should find out her hobbies, hometown, number of siblings and names, religion, work, favorite foods, favorite TV program, what she finds exciting and you should have told her the same things about yourself. )

How about two or three things for the first date and the same for later dates?