O. J. Simpson

Voice Card  -  Volume 32  -  Roger Card Number 3  -  Fri, Jun 24, 1994 12:06 AM

Maybe I'm a kneejerk liberal, but this whole background situation about OJ seems an clear illustrative example of the way the press and the police INTENTIONALLY manipulate the public.

The facts are OJ's ex wife was murdered along with another person, that the LA Police jumped to the conclusion (right or wrong) that OJ was responsible and are going to try him for murder.

What bugs me is the information that the press finds out about all seems to be that which casts shadows of guilt over OJ. And most of this "incriminating" evidence is uniformly damaging to the character of OJ.

It seems to me that what is happening is as follows. "OJ did it, he is well liked by the public and we will look bad trying to prosecute him on circumstanial evidence so we have to smear him first, make him look dispicable and guilty. Then we will be able to prosecute the case without any bad vibes toward us."

To achieve this, release anything that makes him look bad, don't do anything officially but leak information to the press that makes him look bad. To that end, no one is repromanded, fined, or restrained by giving anything bad about OJ to the press. And it got so bad that tapes of 911, normally never released, have been given out to the press.

It finally got to smelling so bad that Police Chief and DA had to come out and say "in the interest of a fair trial we wont allow anymore of the 911 tapes to be released." If the outcry gets loud enough, they might even have to make a scapegoat and file a low level worker for the release.

Questions I haven't heard raised have to do with what her envolvement with other possible murderers, what the waiter was doing there and how long he had been there, could he have been the target instead of her. I really don't expect to hear about these things but if the press was being at all fair, they would be looking at other possible suspects as well as OJ.

This press coverage stinks!