An addendum from dum dum

Voice Card  -  Volume 32  -  Stuart Card Number 10  -  Sun, May 29, 1994 10:44 PM

This is a response to VC 31 Janine 11 ("Strike the Three Strikes")...

"And it's true that there's just not enough done to rehabilitate prison inmates."

That sentence from your voice card, Janine, makes me want to share the following: One of the big prisons in Ohio is called the Marion Correctional Institution (MCI). The Ohio State University teaches a number of courses there, employing one of my good Ohio friends, a poet named Terry, who teaches classes in writing and literature. Prisoners can take college courses, sometimes even qualifying for degrees if they're persistent enough.

You would think that education would be a major form of rehabilitation that would be encouraged. However, recently, the federal gov't (Yes, the one headed by Pres. Clinton) recently severly slashed the major funding mechanism for these courses (something called a Pell Grant). So now, fewer courses will be offered, and fewer prisoners will be able to take them.