For Myself

Voice Card  -  Volume 33  -  Drury Card Number 7  -  Mon, Oct 3, 1994 8:34 PM

This is no response to any else's voice cards. This is for me. This is for something my lawyer tells me I am not suppose to "talk" about. This is for how it is eating me alive. I thought I had finally found the courage to escape from my employer's evil grasp. (Evil: something which deliberately destroys good.) Not so.

I stayed with the job because the opportunity to become an avian specialist was a powerful dream. It was something I wanted from almost the first year of school when I learned a veterinarian could become a specialist. (Excuse spelling problems - I can't stop to worry about them without losing the ability to "say" these things). The boss-man provided just the right opportunity to fulfill this dream. I even found my soul-mate (John) by answering an ad to come to California.

I didn't (don't) like the way he (boss-man) treated people, but that was their concern and not mine (or so I thought). I did get as many as I could out of that office - I wrote letters of recommendation as fast as I could. Thankfully several managed to fly the coop before they got eaten alive by him (Yumi for one).

He did permit me to run my patients in the manner I saw fit (very important or I would have left long ago), but he consistently ran down his staff. He did this to me also but after the first couple of years he stopped. I can still remember records being thrown in my face.

Now that I am free of his office and free of the increasingly frequent migraines (this is one of my physical manisfestations of stress), I find myself pulled back in. Oh, horrors of horrors! We are both named in a federal lawsuit for terminating a disabled person (she was pregnant).

Next day: I reread the rest of this entry and realized that if Archipelago went public, I may find myself in more trouble - somehow, some way. Sorry, after the suit is settled I may repost the thoughts I had about it.