Erotic Weekend

Voice Card  -  Volume 33  -  Holly Card Number 2  -  Tue, Aug 30, 1994 20:12

We were blessed one recent weekend by the three older kids going on a camping trip with the church youth group. I love them but it is nice having some quiet time, I always try to use this time uniquely.

Well, I admit it was my idea. I suggested to Rick that we go out to dinner and then get a dirty video. So we had a nice dinner and then set out to get a video we wouldn't normally get with the kids around.

We drove up one side of the street and down the other and we found video stores but not with the tapes we wanted. We have never rented a dirty video before and we obviously didn't know where to go. Rick realized we were in San Antonio city limits and maybe we should go to a neighboring city which we did.

We found a video store without windows. "Rick, I don't want to take Bob in there. Here's the money. You go." Rick disappears and comes right back and says, "You have to ring a doorbell, I don't think I want to go in there." The trek continued.

We finally found a video store with an adult video section. We stood there reading titles like: "Amazon Women", "Amazon Women from Outerspace", "Collegiate Amazon Women", "Collegiate Amazon Women from Outerspace".

Rick says, "So what kind of tape did you want?" "Well, now I don't know. What do you want?" We stand there some more feeling very ackward and puzzled when Rick says, "Hey, Holly, how about this one!" He is holding up a tape with a typed label and no picture. It read, NUDE BOWLING. "OK," I say, "That looks good."

When we got home we busied ourselves with putting the dogs out (and in), getting Bob bathed and to sleep, etc. I noticed Rick had put his short shorts on and while I got Bob to sleep Rick went out and started the video.

A message at the beginning said that the video was taken with permission of the participants. Well, it was nude bowling all right. It looked like a home video taken at a nudist camp in Czechoslovokia (sic).

It was a family nudist camp. There were little kids and adults and ages in between. The bowling alley was in very bad condition with worn spots in it. They weren't playing a game. They all had shoes on, one guy had a whistle (he also had a nasty bruise), another guy had on socks and sandals.

After a few minutes I felt like I was invading their privacy. They were a bunch of people having a good time, pretty wholesome fun too. We turned it off and went to bed.

And that is all the story I'll tell...