Bowling in Maine

Voice Card  -  Volume 33  -  Holly Card Number 4  -  Tue, Aug 30, 1994 20:41

It seemed that whenever we went bowling in MO Rick would mention Candlepin Bowling. While we were in Maine we went candlepin bowling.

It seems to be the major form of bowling in that area. The pins are light and are shaped straight up and down. The balls are much smaller (croquet ball size) and lighter and don't have holes. Each player gets three balls per frame. Scoring is a little different but I don't know it well enough to explain.

I kept wanting to throw harder. I was straining to keep from overworking. It was a totally different game. Its too bad it isn't more common because I think it would be a fun game for people who don't want to lift the heavier ball.

If you ever get to New England go play a frame or two.