Or down graded enema

Voice Card  -  Volume 33  -  Stuart Card Number 10  -  Fri, Sep 9, 1994 2:20 PM

This is a response to VC 32 John 11 ("Upgrade Dilemma")...

"(or you can) upgrade and discover that now your machine can't keep up with your operating system.

"System 7 is a memory hog and 4 megs is really not enough to live comfortably (5 is the usual recommended minimum). If only you could afford it, I think your best option is to upgrade your Mac and your operating system in one fell swoop!"

What does this mean, O wise Tio Juan? That I should buy a whole new machine, or can I do these upgrades (rather, have them done) to my Mac SE (circa 1988) that was already recently upgraded to have more RAM (4) and memory (80 megs)? What does it mean to "upgrade (my) Mac and (my) and my operating system"? Aren't they one and the same; i.e., the operating system is already in the Mac?

-- Wringing his hands in shame and despair at his ignorance,

Stuart (or Stuart David, now that you have found out my secrets via the internet )