Computer Surprise

Voice Card  -  Volume 33  -  Suzanne Card Number 13  -  Thu, Sep 29, 1994 3:46 PM

Another birthday of mine has come and gone. I was eager for it to be over with yesterday until I discovered that John had gotten me a MAC Performa 636CD along with an HP inkjet printer.

Actually, it's ordered and paid for; I don't have it yet. But I'm a little intimidated already. The brochure says it has a 250 megabyte hard drive, a regular drive and a CD-ROM drive; also, a high resolution monitor that will display up to 32,000 colors.

Forgive me, but is it possible for any individual to actually distinguish the differences among so many colors? This is a big step up for me. I feel kind of like I'm adopting a child or something. Please, if anyone has any advice on computer parenting mistakes I shouldn't make, let me know immediately.