Voice Card  -  Volume 4  -  Tomas Card Number 2  -  Mon, Jan 16, 1989 5:06 PM

This is a response to volume 3, John Card Number 9 ("Thunderscan Woes")...

Thanks for the info on ThunderScan. I guess I'll just have to get that cable.

With respect to not being able to initialize 800 K disks:

I do have the latest system, and finder, etc., STILL I CAN'T!

Let me give two pieces of info. that I wonder if they're related in any way:

  1. I CAN Initialize with Copy II, by copying anything onto a "virgin" disk.
  2. About the same time that I noticed this, a StartUp disk that I had put together, which included "RamDisk Plus" ceased to function. The ramDisk cannot be created, something about "bad blocks... do you want to initialize...". The fact is that the StartUp disk works OK on the Macs at school. And the rest of the disk works fine on my Mac, with the exception of "Ram Disk Plus" which cannot be loaded at startup anymore.
Any further ideas?

Oh, by the way, the "hierDA" looks good, but it appears to have a few bugs:

  • When in resEdit, as I tried to open the Control Panel - who cares what for... - it froze the screen. I had to reboot. Twice, same result... only Control Panel.
  • Together with DiskTop, it would be sensational, but it did something strange. The first day it worked fine, then the second day - after I messed around with some of its options, I think - when selecting DiskTop, the PopUpMenu expanded and took up ALL the screen! Furthermore, when scrolling this expanded menu I found, first: 3 rows of "garbage" at the bottom of it, later: 40 or 50 lines of garbage at the bottom. So, I trashed them both, installed new copies and up to now I haven't noticed any more problems!
Hey! I just had a bomb! I opened the hierDA through DiskTop using hierDA's PopUpMenu to check the options and... whammo! After restarting, I noticed I had the "Custom submenus" option selected, I deselected it and tried again, nothing happened this time. That must be it, uh?

Eagerly waiting for the next issue, Tomás