Hello Card  -  Volume 5  -  Cliff Card Number 0  -  Wed, Mar 1, 1989 10:04 PM

Greetings. I apologize for not participating last time - and as long as I am apologizing, I apologize for not being more prompt with this issue. I hope that my contribution will get to John in time to be included.

Last month my Mac died, after I had read all the voice cards on Voices 3, but before I could contribute. I was lucky - it was not my power supply. It was, nevertheless, an anxious two days before I found out that I was only going to have to pay $65 and have some joints resoldered. Whew!

I tried to avoid procrastinating this month. I read half the voice cards by the 21st. Alas, my good works went for nought. A grant proposal had to be done - a joint proposal - which meant much consultation and rewriting. Graduate students needed letters for their applications.

I will be on time next issue. On Socrate's grave.