Those Pesky Things!

Voice Card  -  Volume 5  -  Holly Card Number 4  -  Tue, Feb 28, 1989 9:54 PM

This is a response to volume 4, Robert Card Number 1 ("Sex Research?")...

Being the only woman I guess I should say *something* about hormones.

First, I hope you men realize that not all women have the same experiences with their cycles. There are some women who DO NOT understand what the issue is because their hormone levels don't fluctuate like others while some women go on monthly roller coaster rides.

Personally, I feel a little weepy and I pull out my calender and I say, "Oh that explains it!" and I stop crying and go on my way.

If you were going to use the results of this study to run a business you WOULD HAVE TO chart EVERY woman's cycle and become familiar with it and take monthly records. IT CHANGES THAT MUCH. To use this information in business you would have to hire an in-house medical team. Every woman is different and every woman's cycle changes over time so that a one month study would not be sufficient.

I have never charted my spatial and/or fine motor skills during different parts of the month. I know my ability to concentrate is effected just because of logistics alone.