You Oughta be in Pictures

Voice Card  -  Volume 5  -  John Card Number 15  -  Sun, Mar 12, 1989 12:32 AM

Of all the nifty new voice card features introduced this issue, this is perhaps the niftiest. You can now include (small) PICTURES in your voice cards!!

The picture is concealed in the space behind the reply boxes. Most voice cards will not contain pictures, but those that do will be colored black in the spaces between the boxes (as this card is). Whenever you see such a card, you can click in the black spaces (if you are adept with the mouse) or at the edge of the screen to the left of the boxes, and the picture will appear. TRY IT NOW!

To make the picture go away, just click anywhere on the surface of the picture. Pictures will automatically disappear whenever you leave a card. The picture feature is not available on Hello Cards. Also, you should be aware that you cannot extend the width of a text field in any card containing a picture.

To create a picture, simply click to the left of the boxes. The program will ask if you really want to create a picture. If you answer YES, the card will be permanently marked as a picture card whether or not you actually draw a picture.

Please confine your picture to the space within the "frame." If you want some drawing tools, hold down the option key while clicking on the surface of the picture and the menubar will appear along with the tool and pattern pallettes. When you close the picture (by clicking on it without the option key) the tools and menubar will be put away automatically.

Perhaps the best procedure is to create pictures beforehand in a painting program and paste them into your scrapbook. When you are ready to add a picture to a card, simply:

  1. Click left of the boxes to reveal the drawing area.
  2. Option click to summon the menubar.
  3. Pull out your scrapbook from the desk accessory menu.
  4. Copy your picture (C).
  5. Put away the scrapbook.
  6. Paste the picture (V).
  7. Drag the picture into place.
  8. Choose the browse (finger) tool from the tool pallette.
  9. Click on the picture to cover it up.
Be aware that while the picture is selected (shimmering) you can hold down the key and drag to make the picture smaller or larger. Also, it's probably a good idea to mention the picture in the text of your voice card in case readers fail to notice the black picture card markings.

The picture card: another mightly leap forward in voice card technology!