Pelago Notebook!

Voice Card  -  Volume 5  -  John Card Number 2  -  Sun, Feb 19, 1989 8:27 PM

As a special present to each one of you, I am including a new stack: the Pelago Notebook. This was of course Holly's idea: a stack that lets you jot down ideas between sessions and then transfer them to new voice cards at the push of a button.

The notebook has four different sections that you can use in any way you wish. The stack is private, that is, the things you jot down in it will not be available to anyone else in the group unless you choose to transmit them via voice card. I have already found it to be quite useful (and a lot of fun). In fact this card was originally entered as a page in my own notebook.

When you want to transfer a notebook page to a voice card, you can simply push a button and a new voice card will be created automatically. If you wish to append the text of a notebook page to a response card or opening message, first create the card and then return to the notebook and push the "Copy to Clipboard" command. Once the text is in the clipboard it can be pasted into any existing card (or into a word processing file) by issuing the standard Macintosh V paste command.

The notebook stack also includes simple FIND and PRINT commands. The text fields are the same width as voice card text fields and also use the new voice font. You can imbed the reference tags of marked cards by hitting the TAB key, just as you can in voice cards, and if you first double click on these tags, the FIND command will find them. In this way you can make a note to yourself to respond to or expand upon some ancient voice card by moving to the card, marking it, and then placing a tag on a notebook page. You can also imbed reference tags on pages destined to become voice cards.

The stack includes complete documentation for each of the four sections and I believe you will find it quite easy to use. Notice also that the notebook now has its own button on the Archipelago main screen (where the home button used to be) so you can move quickly between the notebook and other Archipelago stacks.

I hope you enjoy this new toy as much as I do. Let me know if it proves useful. Enjoy!