Voice Card  -  Volume 5  -  Paul Card Number 1  -  Sun, Feb 19, 1989 11:21 PM

This is ONE OF 2 responses to volume 4, Larry Card Number 13 ("Eating in Seattle")...

Ah, Seattle... My perception of the city is perhaps skewed by the four years of college I spent there. Thinking back to those years I sometimes wonder why I would ever want to go back, but I do. Of all the places I've lived or visited (musical refrain: Lord knows there's been a few), Seattle is easily my favorite. Well, let's add a qualifier: Of all the places *with electricity and hot and cold running water* ... (I was going to qualify with *civilized*, but that opens up another can of worms).

I will just mention two personal favorites in Seattle. Apply to me or Robert for more suggestions ad nauseum.

Visit Pike Place Market, downtown near the waterfront. At the market you can buy: farmers' produce, fresh seafood, handicrafts, imported French butter and cheeses, olive oil pumped directly from 55-gallon drums, cookwares. You can also: watch local musicians perform for free, take a side-trip to the Seattle aquarium or to Nordstrom's Rack, eat at one of many excellent restaurants. On a recent visit I ate at La Pigalle, located in the Market proper, but rather hard to find; and a few blocks away in Cafe Dilettante. Both are worth looking up.

Even when not in a spending mood, I enjoy visiting Pike Place Market just to observe the crowds. The Market is now open seven days a week, but Sunday's hours are abbreviated.

Eat dim sum at the Sun-Ya Tea House in Seattle's Chinatown. I was introduced to dim sum here nearly ten years ago; I have returned to the Sun-Ya numerous times; I still cannot say enough good things about their food. If in an adventurous mood, try the chicken or duck feet; if in a _really_ adventurous mood, try the sweet desserts. Regardless, try the baked hom bow. Dim Sum is only served here during the traditional hours, 10-ish to 2-ish. Do NOT eat dinner at the Sun-Ya; you will regret it.