Are We Less Talkative?

Voice Card  -  Volume 7  -  John Card Number 20  -  Mon, Jul 10, 1989 2:01 AM

The two bar charts shown to the left display the total number of voice cards and the average words per card generated in volumes 2 through 7.

In the top chart, the black areas represent my contributions, and the gray areas represent everyone else's. The total number of cards generated are as follows:

Vol 2:   94
Vol 3:   102
Vol 4:   103
Vol 5:   74
Vol 6:   62
Vol 7:   56

The lower chart shows the mean number of words per card as follows:

Vol 2:   158
Vol 3:   158
Vol 4:   198
Vol 5:   261
Vol 6:   141
Vol 7:   142

The product of these two values gives us the total number of words per volume:

Vol 2:   14,844
Vol 3:   16,107
Vol 4:   20,492
Vol 5:   19,383
Vol 6:   8,772
Vol 7:   8,000

As you can see, our conversation has dropped off sharply in the last two volumes, both in number of cards and in the size of each card. This is in part because I have been distracted for the last three or four months and in part because the end of the school year and other springtime distractions affected the rest of you. My hope is that these little bars have reached their nadir and will now start to zoom upwards again.

So far we've generated over 87,000 words. Keep up the good work!