A Married Woman

Voice Card  -  Volume 7  -  John Card Number 3  -  Sat, Jul 8, 1989 7:55 PM

This is ONE OF 2 responses to Vol 6 John 9 ("Congratulations, Holly!")...

Holly was married on June 24 and Paul was invited to attend the ceremony as the official Archipelago observer (perhaps he can give us a report).

When I passed though Salt Lake as part of my grand tour of the Western Desert (See Vol 7 John 8), I had the privilege of visiting Holly in her new habitat. She seemed healthy and happy to me and already very much at home.

All the Archipelagoans I visited along the way were Happy for Holly, but quiverred in terror at the thought that we might lose the Belle of our Ball. Holly assured me that she will dive into the next issue with renewed vigor!

As a temporary emergency procedure, Holly will use Paul's Mac to stay in touch. Paul: I recommend the following procedure for handling the invasion:

1. Transfer everything into your Archipelago folder and go about your business as usual.

2. When Holly arrives, you can transfer in a fresh copy of the LATEST voice volume. You should first rename your copy so that you can restore it after Holly leaves.

3. Rename your copy of "My Contributions" to "Paul" and transfer in a fresh (empty) copy of the transit stack from the transit disk. You need to make sure that your contributions land in one transit stack, and Holly's land in another.

4. Go to the Home stack and open the stack script. At the bottom you should find a function called GetMemName. Change "Paul" to "Holly"

5. I don't think it's necessary to copy and rename anything else. Holly doesn't need to update Book Reviews if you have already done so.

6. After Holly leaves, reverse the process. That is, rename "My Contributions" as "Holly" and "Paul" as "My Contributions". Replace her copy of the latest voice volume with yours. And set the MemName function back to "Paul". You can then finish your session.

Give me a call if you run into any problems.