Hello Card  -  Volume 7  -  Roger Card Number 0  -  Fri, Jun 9, 1989 10:10 AM

Greetings all!

There is no earth shaking news from the Alameda area this month.

I am still continuously frustrated by trying to learn "C" but slowly progressing. Sprained my back falling off of a kiddy's Merry-go-round proving that at 59 I'm not as flexible as 19, and learning that the treatment for a sprain of this kind is cold packs to reduce inflamation and ibuprofen to reduce the inflamation instead of hot baths (which most everyone except the doctor seems to recommend.)

I finally started playing a game of Strategic Conquest with the help of John's cousin Dave who is staying here over the summer while he works in SF for a legal firm doing "grunt work". Do all games last at least 24 hours?

Two questions (1) After knocking off Wright and Coelho, when are they going to get Gingrich? (2) Could there be any other result than hard line crackdown when a group of dissidents demand vague drastic governmental changes that are against the ideas of those currently running the government?

Thanks for the comments on small languages. Hawaiian turned out to be greater than 5000 words (I'm looking for less than 1400 - target of 1000). A basic esperanto seemed to have about 2500 but lots of good ideas in its structure. Thanks again for the comments.