Cassette Labels

Voice Card  -  Volume 8  -  John Card Number 13  -  Fri, Aug 25, 1989 2:16 AM

This is a response to Vol 8 Paul 4 ("What I Wants")...


OF COURSE HyperCard is appropriate for this project! Could there be any doubt?

Here is my top-of-the-head stack design. Tell me what you think.

The stack would contain two primary backgrounds. The album cards would contain everything you listed:

  • Album Name
  • Group
  • Copyright date
  • Recording/Mixing/Mastering technology - a 3 character code
  • Noise reduction type
  • Total play time
  • A unique and arbitrary album ID (the card title)
In addition, the card would hold a scrolling field with one line per track. This field would be used to generate labels (by automatically filling out a cassette label screen) and could also be searched by a specialized FIND button.

The second card type would hold composer info, one card per composer/performer. This card would be automatically created and augmented as the Album cards are entered. The card could hold some biographical data and a list of all compositions. Clicking on a composition in the scrolling field would jump to the appropriate album card.

In addition, I suppose we could also include an automatically generated index of compositions in alphabetical order, perhaps as the title card of the stack. Or perhaps three index cards: one for compositions, one for composer/performers, and one for album titles. You would push one item to display one of three indices and then click on an entry to hop to the appropriate card.

The stack could also be sorted in various ways and could output data to text files or spreadsheet files.

No doubt you will find a few ambiguities in this description. Tell me what you think. I envision this as a future Mr. Wizard project.