Mac Programming Primer

Voice Card  -  Volume 8  -  Roger Card Number 4  -  Fri, Aug 18, 1989 3:58 PM

Trying to learn to program the Mac in C has been a frustrating experience - primarily because I have little more than zilch knowlege about the toolbox or what they mean by a window manager.

For the past three weeks, after I got the book "Macintosh Programming Primer (Inside the Toolbox using Think's LightspeedC)" by David Mark and Cartwright Reed and published by Addison-Westley Publishing Co., April 1989, I have finally been able to write simple programs using C and the toolbox and am now filled with enough knowledge and enthusiasm to feel that I will soon be writing reasonable programs in C for the Mac.

It's a good book that gives a lot of excellent programs, and explains exactly how to do it and gives references. It was great!