Toastmaster' trials

Voice Card  -  Volume 8  -  Roger Card Number 6  -  Fri, Aug 18, 1989 4:27 PM

Here's a furthur rundown on Toastmasters.

Two weeks ago, the most destructive news hit our Toastmasters group. The free room at the local hospital, which we have been enjoying for the last four years, has been withdrawn and we will have to find a new place to meet.

This kind of thing happens to most Toastmaster's clubs about every five years and about half of them go out of existance within a year. We survived the hit the last time, about four years ago, when we were able to meet in a Hospital Public Access Room.

The next most harmful thing, but which is usually less damaging, is a slow erosion of members. This is more survivable than the meeting place. Most people object to paying the usual 3 to 5 dollars a week required for a non free room. I have my fingers crossed that we will get by.