Hello Card  -  Volume 8  -  Stuart Card Number 0  -  Sun, Jul 23, 1989 1:47 PM

Hello, Sweet Ponarvians! This is my last invective to you from the gently wafting fog-strewn shores of the Pacific. By the time the next issue of Archipelago rolls out, my wife and I will be cozily ensconced in. . . Ohio.

I believe I reported in issue six that I was anxiously waiting to hear about a job to which I had applied. Well I got the job! !!!!!! Starting in September I'll be an Assistant Professor in English (specialization in poetry) at The Ohio State University - Marion. My wife will be teaching at the main branch of The Ohio State University, which is in Columbus, 45 miles from Marion.

To be democratic, we bought a big, beautiful, rambling Victorian house in a charming town named Delaware, which is about halfway between Marion and Columbus. We head east on August 13. Though we won't be going through John's favorite garden spot of Tonopah (see his voice card in last issue, "My Big Adventure"), we will hopefully see other fine sights along the way.

So, with a "big yippee-ti- Ohiyay!", it's "Eastward Ho!" for us. Wish us luck, sweet Ponarvians!