Welcome Suzanne!

Voice Card  -  Volume 9  -  John Card Number 9  -  Thu, Sep 28, 1989 3:57 AM

I can think of no better way of celebrating our first year than by welcoming a new member into the group. Suzanne is an award winning short story writer and a treasured friend. Although she's only had her Mac for a month or two, she has already mastered voice card communication. I think she's just what we need right now. Welcome aboard, Suzanne!

For those of you who are wondering about her icon, I should perhaps explain that Suzanne likes to take pictures of plastic dinosaurs against a backdrop of pebbles and celery stalks. It is a project of no apparent redeeming value which qualifies her as a Ponarvian of the first order. Ever the trend setter, Suzanne accumulated dinosaur paraphenalia long before it was fashionable. Perhaps she can tell us more about this next time.

By the way, Suzanne, have you figured out that cards with black paint around the reply boxes contain pictures? Just click to the left of the reply boxes to see the picture!