Hello Card  -  Volume 9  -  Larry Card Number 0  -  Sun, Sep 24, 1989 10:59 PM

Welcome again, fellow ponarvians.

I appear to be making a habit of sending things to command central a week late. However, I've been involved in lots of fun and exciting things (at least for me) during the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately, these fun and exciting things have keep me out of the house most evenings and weekends - so I've let Archipelago slide (will these suffice for shame?).

But back to the fun and exciting part. A lot of it has been music - including a concert by my all time favorite performer (George Benson), a weekends worth of the Monterey Jazz Festival, and opening night of the San Jose Symphony (with Andre Watts). Additionally, Diane and I have started a couple of classes together - ballroom dance (to loosen up the rusty feet) and Japanese language (in anticipation of a trip to Japan in spring of 1991).

However, most of my weekday evenings have been taken up by work. One school district in our county is being threatened by some desegregation litigation, and some other districts are trying to change their boundaries. Since I get involved with such things, I've been attending many school board and other meetings during the evening hours. Exciting stuff. Additionally, I'm in the process of writing a chapter for a book on the role of interest in reading. Perhaps next edition, I'll include a brief summary of the chapter.

But for now, I'll simply try to get this in the mail.