Speed Reading

Voice Card  -  Volume 9  -  Paul Card Number 2  -  Tue, Aug 29, 1989 9:03 PM


I think there's a bug in the speed reading features somewhere. Normally I turn on SR mode at the beginning of a session (aside: normally? Has this feature been around long enough to allow its use to constitute normal behavior? I don't remember), and forget about it. In this issue SR mode is kicking on and off, in a so far incomprehensible manner.

[Later] I _know_ there's a bug. SR mode is currently rendered essentially useless. It turns out that the SR _indicator_ kicks on and off while in this broken SR mode. And during the time Archipelago has the indicator incorrectly off, option clicking does nothing visible. Other weird behavior abounds, but I think I've described enough that John will be able to isolate the problem.