This little corner of Cartania is devoted to my daughter, Sarah Irene Cartan. Each month I post a new picture, and each year we mail out the latest dozen as a holiday card. You can also find the original page we put up hours after Sarah was born, and before that, the page we used to track her ultrasounds.

Sarah Month By Month. A new picture of Sarah each month. Start at the turn of the century when Sarah was 8 months old. Or jump to the final picture!

A record of Sarah's development with ultrasound pictures of the newest member of our family. This was the page we put up before Sarah was born.

Initial snapshots from Sarah's first few months. This page went up hours after Sarah was born.

A speech given for Sarah by her father on the occasion of her Bat Mitzvah.

An autobiography that Sarah did at the end of her 7th grade year. This is a PDF with her hand-drawn illustrations for each page.