The Konquest Command Language is an exciting concept that could dramatically increase the potential of the game. Essentially, each city and piece could have an optional "script" that it could follow automatically. Each player could also have a script superceding all other scripts automatically activated at the beginning of each day. Players could choose to play without any scripting (as in the current version), program EVERYTHING and sit back and watch, or anywhere in between. Perhaps the program itself would follow a master script in the same command language so that an advanced player could edit it in order to change the rules or improve the competition. And the computer opponent could also follow an editable script.

Can you think of advantages to allowing other "objects" to have attached scripts? How about giving each continent and ocean a script? [ANSWER: YES!]

Can scripting gracefully handle the reconquering of a bombed-out city? I don't think that scripts of individual armies should need to be modified or generalized to handle this sort of situation. [ANSWER: YES! Scripts which detect bomb-events could be attached to the city or to more general objects such as continents.]

The concept of scripting could replace or enhance many of the current and proposed features. For example, instead of putting a piece on patrol, you could enter a patrol script that could be as simple or as complex as you want. City scripts could carry out complex long-term production schedules and automatically send new pieces to the front. One fighter on each carrier could be automatically directed to hunt for subs. A destroyer could carry out a long-range mapping mission automatically. The possibilities are endless.

The language should be able to accomplish anything the player can do with a mouse and should also be able to sense the environment using high-level words like "Shoreline" and "Nearest." Additional commands should make it possible to sound an alarm or ask the player for a decision by putting up a dialog box. The language should refer to the DEFINITION TABLES by using standard property names (e.g. "If FUEL<12 then move to nearest city").

LANGUAGE ELEMENTS describe the commands and functions of the language - currently very much in its infancy. Objects in a script are referred to by NAMES. Each script is triggered by a one of many EVENTS. And SAMPLE SCRIPTS provide concrete examples of how elements of the language might be combined in practice to perform useful functions.