On the tape, Paul proposed that we try to create scripts for all the standard menu commands. I agree. I don't have time to start any scripts today, but I will at least provide a list of the menu commands as a starting point. If you wish you can give each item its own card:
  • Sleep
  • Wake
  • Transport Load
  • Random (do we really want this one?)
  • City Aircraft Destination
  • Stack Move
  • Skip
  • Move Later

Explorer Script (attached to Destroyer Miami 12)
on newday
  if z is empty then put 90 into z
  repeat until I am near land
    move 1 bearing z°
    if I am near enemy then say "Enemy Sighted"
  end repeat
  turn left
  put latitude into x
  repeat until latitude>x
    follow shoreline
    if I am near city then beep
    if I am near enemy transport then attack enemy transport
  end repeat
  put bearing of nearest unknown into z
end newday

Script of City London
on newday
  if stillbuilding is true then exit
  if currentproduction is "Fighter" then
    send latest fighter to Paris
    set currentproduction to "Army"
    send latest army to nearest shoreline
    set currentproduction to "Fighter"
  end if
end newday