Although it is agreed that we will provide startup options, we have yet to decide which options to offer. Following are some ideas:

From PAUL 2/27/89:
Allow many more options at startup. Examples: land / sea ratio, city density, coast city / interior city ratio, proximity of initial enemy city, overall enemy strategy, enemy intelligence, board size.

From JOHN 3/8/89:

  • Optionally set continent to square, cylinder, or torus.
  • How about each player customizing the production schedule before the game begins? Thus a player could reduce the time required to build fighters in exchange for slower submarine schedules. Or perhaps he could choose a subset of eight possible weapons out of a "palette" of 20 weapon types.
  • You suggested the ability to specify enemy strategy; in what ways? Agressive vs. Defensive? Air emphasis vs. naval emphasis?
  • How about a list of optional rules/restrictions?
  • Playing area startup options are discussed in CONTINENT GENERATION.
  • Player startup options: At startup, the number of human players is specified. In addition, the number of computer players is specified; however, all computer players will be resident on one computer. And, in contrast with S.C's startup, "opponent level" will NOT be a startup option. Instead, a menu of several "opponent programs" will be offered (by default, opponents will be randomly selected from this list). Each program will have a certain personality and will play at a certain level.