Date: 1997-03-18
From: John
Subject: RE: Monday's Last Gasp

My Dear Mr. Duk:

Attached are GIF maps for worlds 2, 3 and 4. It's been a terrible day here (I'll tell you all about it on the tape) and I haven't had time to think about painting the starting sparks and continent IDs. Unfortunately, the black and white nature of HyperCard makes the latter a real challenge; perhaps I could borrow a Supercard from Roger and try that (someday - not soon).

You may also notice that the world2 map is truncated at the bottom. I'm doing this from home and that's all that would fit on my tiny 640x480 screen - maximum VGA dimensions are 128x96 (unless I shrink the block size - which is easily done). All 3 files showed up OK here at home - perhaps the earlier problem was due to some devilment added by Documentum's mail system.

I have no problem with seeds instead of sparks. How many more maps are coming?

Yours in complete exhaustion,

Epicurious J.