Date: 1997-03-18
From: Paul
Subject: RE: Monday's Last Gasp

It's possible that I have enough maps already, so unless the algorithm changes dramatically I won't really need any more for my presentation Thursday. I may, however, send a few more along that demonstrate how changing the starting parameters affects the final result. If I do send more and you find yourself too busy to respond before Thursday it's no big deal - the graphics are just gravy, so to speak.

Maps identifying each continent by color would be a lot of fun, but not necessarily all that useful. Now that I've calmed down a little from the initial euphoria of the continent IDs, I'm leaning strongly toward your previously stated guess/opinion - there's too much arbitrary overlap in the final continents. I think the continent IDs as they now stand may be fine for Country IDs, but we don't currently have any use for countries.

I really should spend another 8-10 hours on the project before turning it in, so one possibility is that I'll work on providing true continent IDs somehow.