Date: 1992-06-19
From: Paul
Subject: Re: Alexander World Bitmaps

On DA's: They seem to work fine from inside Alex on my machine. Could you give me more details on your trouble?

On the world size, as defined from the dialog box: the ability to change this was disabled long ago, perhaps intentionally. This is non-trivial, in that I need to gracefully handle the case in which you size the world smaller than the already existing window. For the moment, I have re-enabled the changing of world size, and I've tested this through to the creation of the text file. Be forewarned, though, that the screen behavior is bizarre and incorrect when you ask for a very small world. Since each world location is 10x10 pixels, "small" on your monitor would be under 50x30 world units, approximately.

After some thought, the above problem is maybe the side-effect of a faulty user-interface design. Is there any reason to put up the blank window before generating the world? I'm thinking not, and postponing display of the window may make this problem disappear. More on this later.

On the window size: I now autosize, based on your monitor (right?). Assuming you can see the scrollbars, how fast does the scrolling work? On my machine, refreshes and scrolls are acceptably fast.