Date: 1993-09-11
From: Paul
Subject: Re: Alex Icon

Your icon came through as an AOL document rather than a TeachText document, and it didn't have a resource fork at all. The text of the message came through fine.

After further consideration of the smoothing problem, I'm leaning toward two-pass smoothing. I think the SparkList may not prove to be the major memory consumer, and I'm rather pessimistic about the smooth-as-you-go approach.

The cell bitmap, at 7x7 bytes per border cell, may be the structure that breaks the memory bank. I could pretty easily reduce this by a factor of 7 by using bit operations, but that would probably break as soon as we go to color. For the time being, I plan to just ignore this whole issue.

My C++ continent generator seems to be working, but it's tough to say for sure. Enough has changed that it's not compatible with the old C user interface code. I've yet to investigate the various options for getting these two pieces back together again.

Your tape arrived yesterday, and I'm just now about to sit down and listen to it.