Date: 1993-09-18
From: Paul
Subject: Re: Alex Icon

I managed to get back from Boise early, so I'm free to spend tomorrow working on Alexander. Hurray!

As for your icon: the solitaire game came through with a generic icon. However, inspection with ResEdit revealed the Alexander icon in all its glory in the resource fork of the file. I believe I have directions on getting it from there to being assigned as the visible Alexander icon. I'll try to get that done in time for the next shipment - whenever that is.

On bits vs. bytes for micropixel support: I'll use bits for now, assuming that this memory consumption will approximate that required for subsequent color support.

On grid size: the version of Alex you have uses an 8x8 or 10x10 grid (I don't remember which) for each coordinate. I'd proposed upping this to 14x14; you now suggest 20x16 or 24x20. Fine. I'll move in this direction. Unfortunately, I hadn't considered the possibility of non-square coordinates, so this will take some back-tracking. I'll put this in the medium-priority hopper.

Your shoreline census was most revealing. It punctuates the need for careful consideration of memory utilization. I hope to get back to you on this in the near future.

Are you actively using the ones-and-zeroes bitmap file? The code is quite simple, but if you're not interested in that feature I'll drop it from the program. If you *are* using it, how would you like it to behave after smoothing is implemented? Should the bitmap file come out at the higher resolution?

From where I sit right now, next weekend looks like a possible reunion weekend. I could get in some time Friday, and stay till Sunday morning. I would need to get my ticket Monday, or Tuesday at the latest. Should I got for it?