The Cage

Voice Card  -  Volume 10  -  John Card Number 13  -  Fri, Nov 10, 1989 1:38 AM

This is a personality-adventure scenario card (see previous card).

After a night of troubled dreams, you awake to find that you are no longer in your own bedroom. You are in subterranean cavern, inside a large iron cage, lying on a cot.

There is nothing else in the cage and the door of the cage is ajar. As you stand up you notice a video camera mounted within reach at one end of the cage; the camera follows you as you move. There is no one in sight.

Just outside the cage is large crate with a few small holes punched in it. From inside the crate you can hear a WIMPERING noise. Just beyond the crate are three doors leading out of the cavern.

The first door is marked "KITCHEN". The second door is marked "PRIVATE - DO NOT ENTER". The third door is only four feet high and colored bright green; it is not marked.

And then you spot the final feature of this bizarre room, and your heart begins to race. It's a big electronic scoreboard which reads "ALL DOORS WILL BE LOCKED IN 11 SECONDS!" You watch in horror as the 11 changes to a 10, and then a 9, and then an 8...

There is not enough time to open the crate before all the doors lock and if you don't do something quick you won't even make it out of the cage.