The Bath

Voice Card  -  Volume 11  -  Stuart Card Number 4  -  Tue, Dec 12, 1989 4:00 PM

This is ONE OF 2 responses to Vol 10 John 13 ("The Cage")...

You run through the green door. It slams shut behind you. You find yourself in a long tunnel. The walls of the tunnel are made of glass. It is like you are in a huge ant farm and you are the ant.

About ten paces in front of you is a little clearing in the tunnel. Three objects stand in this clearing. The middle object is a bath tub. The tub is full of wasps whose wings have been torn off. They seethe and undulate and seem very angry. There is a sign on the tub that says, "First."

On one side of the tub is a bicycle. Perched on the seat is a hat, the kind that French Policemen wear. A sign near the bike says, "Second, but you can only ride this bike if you take off your clothes and put put on this kepi."

On the other side of the tub is a giant test tube being heated on a giant bunsen burner. Inside the test tube is yourself, but it is you as you were at ten years old. As the tube gets hot, your test-tube-child-self seems to be screaming, but you cannot hear the sounds because the test tube is capped and the buzzing of the wasps is so loud. There is a sign on the test tube that says, "Third."

(OK, OK, so I don't quite have the hang of this game making business, yet. Stop kevetching already.)