A further constraint

Voice Card  -  Volume 10  -  Larry Card Number 8  -  Sun, Oct 22, 1989 2:40 PM

This is ONE OF 3 responses to Vol 9 John 19 ("Can We Be Friends?")...

Another issue about voice card communication is that you are only focussing on one member when you respond. It's not like we're all together around a table talking and getting to know one another. It's more like a phone call. There is no opportunity for one person to introduce someone to a third, or for someone to draw another person into an ongoing conversation. Each individual ponarvian has to initiate each communication and has the ability to ignore any communication aimed at him or her.

I think that makes developing friendships a little more difficult - but not impossible.

[Editor's note: Excellent observation! Is there anything we can or should do to encourage more of a round-the-campfire feeling? Your point about ignoring direct questions is also interesting, and is something I've noticed as well. Each new communication technology creates new rules for social interaction.]