Hello Card  -  Volume 10  -  Preface Card Number 0  -  Sun, Nov 19, 1989 11:52 AM

What is this thing? Preface? Who is Preface?

This new preface card was Paul's idea. He pointed out that I have gotten into the habit of summarizing the contents of each issue in my hello card, and that most members probably don't get around to reading that card until they are most of the way through the stack.

So from now on, the very first voice card of every volume will be this preface card and I will use my own hello card the way nature intended.

Incidentally, this preface card is also the prelude to the changes coming in version 2.0. My plan is to put some kind of package display in the hello box with links to special gift intro voice cards elsewhere in the volume. The title already holds the deadline. So this card will take on some of the vital tasks currently shouldered by the Archipelago main screen. For more details of my bold new design See Vol 10 John 21.

And now for the actual preface:

Hold on your seatbelts, boys and girls, this issue of Archipelago is one of the most action-packed issues ever to hit the streets! We have shattered all previous records size-wise (in terms of number of words). Paul, to my utter astonishment, actually contributed THREE book reviews, and HOLLY IS BACK!!!

On a sadder note, it seems that Tomás is leaving us, although he said he might like to come back some day when he is less busy.

I've been tinkering around with the voice card design again, adding many nifty new features such as the word-o-meter, the Past & Future buttons on hello cards, and many more. As always, I have summarized my changes in the Suggestion Box card: See Vol 10 John 1.

Due to a tragic mishap (you sent me the wrong stack, Stuart), we don't have any hyperpoetry, but we do have an excellent Quotationist and, if I do say so myself, a clever installment of Mr. Wizard.

In the voice card department, the sex and friendship and Chinese dissidents debates continue to rage; Suzanne takes up the weighty topic of bowling, Robert takes us south of the border, Holly reveals that she was married by a garbage man, and Stuart tells us all to stop whining. We also have earthquake reports from all three of our bay area Archipelagans and several new projects in the works: a voice card adventure game, a survey planned for next issue, member biographies on the way, and plans for version 2.0.

If the deadline seems a little tighter than usual, it is because I am hoping to get one more issue launched before Christmas. I have just looked back in the archives and I note that issue 2 was launched on this very day one year ago, and last year we managed to do it, that is, we got issue 3 out the door on the 24th. So maybe history can repeat itself.

Just in case we don't make it, I'll wish you Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah in advance. And Happy Thanksgiving everyone! And thank you for turning Archipelago around! And now, on with the show...