Voice Card  -  Volume 11  -  Holly Card Number 2  -  Thu, Nov 30, 1989 2:26 PM

Monday was the first big snow storm of the year. I drove 1/2 hour and didn't get to where I usually get in ten minutes on a normal day so I turned around and went home. I called my boss and said I'd given up so I spent the day housecleaning and... yes, watching daytime television.

Joan Rivers has a daytime talk show; Monday her guest was Tiny Tim. It was interesting to see him and hear him talk. Several people in the audience were laughing which annoyed me because he is strange and definately not normal but he seems kind and sincere. In fact I liked him until he said that Vanna White is the most beautiful woman on television!

My point... He said his marriages have not worked partly because he is a hard person to live with. He likes to spend a lot of time alone studying and learning new things and working on projects. He sounds like a ponarvian.

In John's intro to Archipelago he mentioned the man who watched plates in the cafeteria. I am curious about ponarvs any of us might know personally or via study. Any contributions?