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I don't know anything about stats or measurements and such but I have this son...

Josh brought his report card home yesterday. B+, A, A- in Reading, Math, Spelling. I know, big deal for second grade. But here is the thing - they have him going to Resource because he doesn't concentrate in class, he doesn't follow along, he talks a lot, etc. But his grades don't show him as a poor student. He doesn't fit into the society of the class but he is achieving something! The teacher is having the same trouble I have with him at home, why should she have it better.

OK - "calm down Holly". He definately does concentrate when he wants and maybe he doesn't in class because he's bored. So, Larry, my question is how can concentration show IQ when our concentration levels vary according to interest. Does interest show IQ? Nah.

I am concentrating very well on pelago but this AM when Rick was discussing health insurance I wasn't concentrating.

Your theory sounds good but aren't there some considerations?