Hello Card  -  Volume 11  -  Paul Card Number 0  -  Sun, Dec 3, 1989 1:37 PM

This will be a "light" issue for me, as I am only briefly home between trips.

My last week was spent in Chelmsford, Massachussetts at a company training function known as Digital University: Institute of Technology. Each day was mapped out for us, beginning with breakfast at 7:15 and winding up around 9 or 9:30 in the evening. Everyone was assigned a roommate to share their hotel room with, and busses shipped us back and forth from hotel to training facility.

I have to confess that I found *some* of the sessions valuable, but you will understand my overall disappointment with the week when I describe the highlights:

  • My assigned roommate never arrived.
  • As a door prize, I won an autographed copy of "Concurrency Control and Recovery in Database Systems" by Bernstein, Hadzilacos, and Goodman.
Most of you will be relieved to hear that I have *no* plans to review the book in Archipelago.