Hello Card  -  Volume 11  -  Suzanne Card Number 0  -  Sun, Dec 3, 1989 4:51 PM

My big news this month is that my father got a reporter from my hometown paper to call me for an earthquake interview. Of course afterward I thought of some much more clever things to say than I actually did say, although I thought I sounded at least somewhat articulate. But the reporter quoted me in the article that appeared as saying "Everything shook quite a bit." I know I never said that, or at least not that way, but there it was, and I could picture the people I went to high school with reading the thing over breakfast, saying "Well of course everything shook. Isn't that obvious? Suzanne's brain must be toasted from all that acid she did in high school."

Anyway, my big project this month has been planting a rock garden in my front yard. I don't know anything about planting gardens, so I thought the first thing I ought to do was dig up the yard so that I'd be committed to finishing the project. The yard seemed a little ominous after I'd finished, but I told myself I'd find some rocks, I'd figure out something to plant in them.

But then the next door neighbors dug up their yard just like mine and left it that way just like mine because I guess they thought I knew what I was doing and they'd wait to see what I was going to do with mine.

So the pressure was on. I spent an entire Sunday hauling rocks to my car from a construction site (it's hard to find rocks in this city), got them home and then realized I was going to have to unload them unless I wanted to drive to work the next day in a rock-filled car.

My back may never be the same again, but now the garden is progressing nicely. There are primroses, California poppies and allysum in it so far, spreading among some magnificent rock sculptures. I don't know if this is quite what the neighbors had in mind, but I'm sure they'll learn to live with it.